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lovelylethargy ([personal profile] lovelylethargy) wrote2013-01-05 04:55 pm

uncharted waters

So, last night I had to cheer and that was dull, but at least it was basketball. Angela was there because her boyfriend plays for the team we were playing and I told her that she needed to find me someone to talk to because. And she delivered. Bless Angela and Phil. She got me Phil's friend's number. We've been talking like all day. He's name's Zachary and he's cute and nice and oh my gosh what am I doing with myself? This is uncharted territory. He doesn't really live close close to me, but he doesn't live forever away. So I'm hoping that if we keep talking we can hang out and stuff? That'd be lovely.

I probably sound ridiculous right now. I do not care.